Monday, May 10, 2004

The Glorious Ordination

Well, folks the weekend has past and I am here in Philadelphia. I am posting for you all from the seminary library at Saint Charles Seminary.

Joseph Irwin has joined the glorious order of deacon. At the same Mass, 5 men studying for Philadelphia were ordained deacons. The ordination took place at the seminary chapel with the rector, Bishop Burbidge, presiding and ordaining. It is a reminder to those of us who have made these same promises that the new deacons made on Saturday that the promises are still in effect. Even when one is a priest, he remains a deacon. He is called to live the service that embodied the life of Christ. It was also good to see brother priest classmates who attended the ordination and to catch up with them. I am putting together lunch plans as we speak.

Also, it is funny to think that the guys you knew as 4th college and haven't kept in touch with since you left are now on their way to being ordained priests next year. But it is also kind of sad, in that my connection with Saint Charles is diminishing. Without classmates and diocesan brothers there, it lowers the impetus to visit.

Thankfully, the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City will be sending two more men here this fall, Billy Lewis and Andy Wickersham. So, I guess I will still have some cause to get my hands on Rita's Water Ice from time to time.

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