Thursday, June 03, 2004

Thanks to Karen's comment on my last post, I was prompted to make the above post title. Actually, my earlier remark about Fr. Tharp's deception leading us into Cartesian universal doubt, was not so much a claim that Descartes' method could prove I am my own blogger, but that it will lead us all into Descartes' trap of universal doubt, thus making any argumentation on this blog by supposedly distinct persons futile, as it moves us more deeply into the anthropomorphic turn that mistakenly places man at the center of all being. In the end, all of this will implode and come crashing down. Perhaps the blog will be destroyed because of this latest Machiavellian event in the twisted system that is "Tharpomachean ethics". And Fr. Tharp will be left to sift the wreckage through his empty hands, watching the dust fall between his fingers like an hourglass mercilessly telling that the end is near, as he hopelessly cries out, "What have I done, what have I done.....?!

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