Monday, July 26, 2004

(Half)Baked Beans
I am honestly disturbed by what I see happening in the Democratic party.  I speak of what seems to be a concerted effort to vigorously attach the party platform to the most controversial of life issues.  The heat has really been turned up on the stem cell issue.  I can't count the number of times it has been referenced in the past days and in the first hours of the Democratic National Convention.

I listened as President Clinton spoke this evening.  It was like he never left office: both in his oratory and in the reception he received from the convention (right down to the re-playing of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop").  Did anyone else catch the Messianic overtones of what Bill Clinton claimed was Kerry's lifelong mantra, "Send me"?

And then there was this snippet from Clinton's speech.  Describing the unity that Americans desire, Clinton claimed that Americans want a country where we can "celebrate our racial, religious, ethnic, and tribal differences because our common humanity matters most of all."  Now, I could have that quote a bit wrong, but it sure sounded as if he said "tribal" differences.  I guess I didn't know that we had tribal differences in America.  Oh well.  Furthermore, and the real point of my offering this quote, why can't we celebrate our developmental differences too, by reverencing embryos and the elderly terminally ill?  What was that about common humanity mattering most of all?  But I suppose I am just being divisive again.

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