Friday, July 23, 2004


Most readers of the blog know of my fawning admiration for Roger Ebert as a film reviewer. But you know something...I have a secret to confess. I don't enjoy his positive reviews. I love it when he hates a movie. Then, Mr. Ebert unloads a fountain of oppobrium upon everyone connected to the movie, and only rarely does anyone escape being spattered with dung. When he likes a movie, he sings its praises and makes connections to film history, and quite frankly, while beautifully written, don't leave me with much to savor.

I have NO intention of seeing "Catwoman." There aren't enough letters in the word "NO" to describe the no-ness of this proposition. But the review, linked above, is classic Ebert. Also, his review of "A Cinderella Story" hovers near pure genius

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