Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Hatchet Man
Well, I have been a bit burned on blogging considering how my last two posts generated some comments that caught me quite off-guard.  I think this is a rather safe post, however.

I have been consumed with money matters lately as a new pastor.  We have been preparing our Annual Financial Report (for all three parishes) to submit to the Archdiocese.  Then there was the marathon budget planning meeting for Fiscal Year 2004-2005.  And today, I have been discovering all sorts of bank accounts the parish has, many that are unused, and several lacking the new pastor's signature on the signature cards.  So, I feel like the hatchet man today: I have closed four accounts in the interest of consolidating our monies into the three remaining accounts.  We had seven separate accounts before I started surgery.  I think the three that remain are safe: the main checking account for parish operations, the building fund account, and a separate checking account we use for social services (when people need assistance with bills, etc.).  We'll see how this all works.  This level of administration is a new lesson for me as a first time pastor.  And I am picking up so many lessons about budgetary matters which, while intimidating to this novice, is actually sort of interesting!

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