Tuesday, July 20, 2004

In Honor of Our 50,000 Visitor
To think that in less than 6 months this humble blog has received 50,000 visitors is just, well, shocking to me.  That a simple country parson such as myself could reach out and touch the World without having to invoke the Dallas Charter is simply gratifying and wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who has visited and who has contributed to this blog's awesomeness.
So, to honor all those visits, I thought I would let you in on my secret plan for evangelization.  You see everyone, there is a nostalgia craze for the 1970's sweeping the U.S.  It occurred to me while sitting in my car that maybe there was a way to weave this into a new wave outreach to lapsed Catholics.  Here it is, the first song from my new album, Parochial Schoolhouse Rock, Liturgical Rock: Do a Genuflection!  Enjoy! 

Music: Lynn Ahrens
Lyrics: Fr. Shane Tharp
[based upon the original song, Interjections!, from the Schoolhouse Rock series]

When Father came to his assignment, new (uh huh)
He found a congregation who (uh huh)
Thought the Mass an invention
From their imagination,
so Father taught them all about genuflection!
[spoken in rhythm:]
(Hey!  That's neat!)
(Wow!  I remember that!)
(Whoa! That looks hard!)
Show adoration
or veneration.
They're generally done by the faithful
by bending the right knee
and touching it gently to the floor.
Though the servers knew just what to do (uh huh)
They acted like they hadn't a clue. (uh huh)
With one swift correction
To the servers' intentions,
Father taught them when to make their genuflections!
(Cool! Is Jesus really in the tabernacle?)
(Wow! I'm helping people grow closer to God?!)
(Neat!  I'm part of the universal worship of the Church!)
Repeat Refrain
So when you're happy (Hooray!)
or sad (Aw!)
or frightened (Eeeeek!)
or mad (Rats!)
or excited (Wow!)
or glad (Hey!)
A genuflection starts our worship right!
The parents came to the parish hall. (uh huh)
They thought that they had heard it all. (uh huh)
But before First Communion,
So their kids would be in union,
Father demonstrated genuflection!
(Dude! It's changed my belief!)
(Man!  I love the Mass!)
(Huh!  How do you do that again?)
Repeat Refrain
Repeat Coda
Repeat Refrain
It shows reverence
and veneration
Alleluia! ... Yeah!
(The Mass is ended; Go in peace)

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