Sunday, August 22, 2004

Any advice?
Well, folks, tomorrow evening begins the annual "Clergy Days" of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. It is designed to be an adventure in continuing education beginning one evening, continuing for a full day, and ending at noon on the third day. With that set-up, let me switch gears a bit. This will be the largest gathering of priest electors before the September 1 election to the Council of Priests. As a candidate, should I do anything different? Should I be more cautious? What advice might you have for my candidacy as I prepare to leave for this gathering tomorrow morning? I mean, I'm not sure if I should have some swanky civilian clothing on hand, to court the mufti vote (which is a substantial block) or not. Unfortunately, I don't think walking about the gathering in cassock will win me any votes. I would be lucky if I only pulled off wearing a collar each day. I hate to sound shallow -- the political process seems to draw that out -- but should I bring a few prop books to carry around with my notepad? Certainly the Bible and my breviary are a given. I'm wondering if I should carry an Andrew Greeley book or maybe some wily Jesuit's writings on liberation theology? I think I might also need to plant a holy card of Blessed Pope John XXIII and arrange for it to "fall out" of one of my books, hitting the floor before a group of electors from another age group.

I'm just not sure. I'm starting to feel so dirty. Do I play the game just to get elected?

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