Sunday, August 22, 2004

An Ugly Turn of Events

While Sundays might be light days on the campaign trail, they are not light days for one's opposition. Today, I was travelling in Kansas, visiting a parishioner in the hospital in Pratt. I stopped for a bathroom break, a fuel stop, and some beef jerky...mmm...beef hearts. Anyway I was half-watching a television, perched above my head when I finally saw it. An ugly attack ad is being run against Fr. Hamilton's bid for the priests' council seat.

The group calls itself "Swift Gondoliers For Truth," and they are disputing elements of Fr.'s record. For example, Fr. has tried to present himself as one with the working man, banking on his two summers working as a Vatican tour guide and gondolier in Venice. Beastly commute, but the money's good from what I am told. Anyway, these gondoliers dispute that Fr. was ever there, that he didn't actually go to school in Rome, but instead learned everything he knows about Italy from hanging out in the public library and frequenting Starbucks so as to master the cappuccino. As you can imagine, his ultra-orthodox credentials are in jeopardy.

Let's hope this doesn't impede his bid for the council seat.

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