Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Back to School Time!

I love Back to School time. I always did. Oh, sure, there was the twinge of fear creeping around my head. Will I like my teacher(s)? Will he/she/they like me? I wonder what we are going to learn? Is it going to be hard stuff to learn? But I loved the trip to the TG&Y and later the WalMart for school supplies. Those were my weapons and tools for waging an academic battle. I thought of all the great organizing and sorting my Trapper Keeper would help me accomplish. I loved the heft of a good pen in my hand; that's an addiction I still fight hard against whenever I have to go to the office supply store for the parish.

I think I loved most the sense of possibility. Nothing had been determined yet. I could get a 4.0 this year, or lead in the school play, or be the most popular guy. So, when I had to run to the Wal-Mart today for a couple of poster frames, I smiled nostolgically down the back to school aisles, wanting nothing more than to grab a big box of crayons and a fresh pencil box and some new notebooks.

Too bad for all the gloomy kids. It's a great time of year.

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