Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Campaign Trail: Day 14 Council of Priests: Decision 2004

***************PRESS RELEASE***************
Fr. Hamilton and Convention organizers deeply regret some of the turn of events at last night's opening session. No one was more embarrassed than Fr. Hamilton himself when a Van Halen song was accidentally played over the sound system. We sincerely hope that error was due to a mix up in the sound booth and not sabotage from an opponent's campaign. Fr. Hamilton's team of canon lawyers has called for an inquiry into the matter. It is our understanding that the convention hall will be hosting a meeting of Home Schoolers next week, and so that may offer an explanation for the song that was heard last night.
As to the endorsement debacle: Election rules for the Council of Priests do not provide for a write-in candidate. Though we are disappointed by the abrupt removal of support by the Fraternity of St. Peter, we remind the electors to make their vote count by voting for one of the official four candidates. We believe that Fr. Hamilton is the right candidate for the job. In a year when secular politics was surprised by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch's endorsement of President Bush, we should not be surprised by last night's announcement. Perhaps breathing too much incense at the Latin Mass has clouded the judgment of our Fraternity brothers. We hope they may once again give us their support before voting ends on September 1.

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