Saturday, August 21, 2004

Campaign Trail: Day 4
I am accustomed to parishioners waiting for me near the sacristy after Holy Mass. Today, a reporter from the diocesan paper was there. I recognized him during Mass as a visitor, but I didn't know his association. He asked for an interview. I agreed with some hesitation.

At one point, he referred to today's Feast of Pope St. Pius X, known for his contribution to liturgical reform, especially sacred hymnody and chant. The reporter quoted my homily and the clear call I made for the need to pray through the intercession of the saintly pope for authentic reform of a liturgy that is supposed to be sacred by its very nature. But his question was a blatant attempt to pidgeon-hole me into an alternate form of Sacred Liturgy from days past. It was a lead he took from one of my competitors, who tried to so closely associate me with Pope Pius X, that electors might wonder if I fully support the validity of the Novus Ordo Mass. But I think I dodged the reporter's bullet rather nicely. I took the bait and I switched the matter of his question to raise doubts about my competitor. Here's what I said:

"The Church owes much to the legacy of Pope St. Pius x, it is true. Fr. Candidate C. knows I have always said so. But as to any perceived concern about my support of the saintly pope's liturgical legacy, I refuse to make his call for frequent reception of Holy Communion, and reception by children, an issue of this campaign. The Church has spoken on the matter. Perhaps Fr. Candidate C. needs to tell us where he stands on the reception of Holy Communion, especially by children."

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