Saturday, August 21, 2004

Well, almost. A few posts ago, Fr. Tharp provided a link to the John Francis blog. The link showed the young John Francis and his father in matching ragemonkey merchandise. The father was in a t-shirt and little John Francis had his ragemonkey bib on.

It is hysterical, an honor, and leaves me speechless all at the same time. First of all, I didn't even realize we had a bib as part of our merchandise. Secondly, and this is what strikes me most of all, here is a precious little boy, only a month and a half old and he is already using ragemonkey attire. I mean so at some level, this young boy's early catholic upbringing is being contributed to, in some small way, by this blog. It makes me wonder what the future will hold for this kiddo. I mean, by the time he gets to RE and is preparing for First Holy Communion, will he be raging on, proudly professing Catholic Faith in the Real Presence in a manner far above his tender age, to the stunned silence of his teachers and classmates, and the proud smiles of his parents (the primary educators)? In explaining this RE prodigy, will the parish DRE whisper under her breath: "Well, you know, he's the monkey-boy"? The possibilities are endless.

Fr. Tharp and I just keep laughing and expressing disbelief in the photo of John Francis and Dad in their merchandise. John Francis' little body has barely become accustomed to the normal use of the lungs for oxygen, and already ragemonkey is in his life. His eyes have so much of the world around him to take in, and one of his early images is of a cartoon monkey in collar on his bib from this blog... it is stunning.

I think I have only now found what about this episode strikes me so: It makes me realize that there is a certain level of responsibility we owe to our readers. The blog isn't just about us bloggers, but largely about the readers too. I think the image of little John Francis has made me realize that in a wholly new way. Special thanks to his parents for purchasing the merchandise (supporting the charitable causes) and for providing the picture.

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