Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Please tell me if...
I am making too much of this. If you were watching the beginning of NBC's Olympic coverage this evening at 8 Eastern/7 Central time, and you saw the ending credits and transition to the first commercial break following the first round of shot put throws, then you saw what I saw. The camera showed us an image of some hill, the sun setting behind it and visible just below the hill's summit. At the hill's summit was a cross. Guess what the TV people covered up with sponsor ads? If you guessed the cross, you got it right. Over the cross was superimposed the various symbols of AT&T, Chevy, etc. Meanwhile the setting sun was kept in view. Am I making too much of this? The sun was kept in full view on the screen while the cross was covered up and only seen between the switch from one sponsor's logo to another. Paganism is alive and well. Nevermind Greece's Orthodox Christianity, let's just remember the good ole' days of the pagan gods and goddesses.

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