Monday, August 16, 2004

Sad And True! Volume One

New Mexico Children's Event Criticized for Backing Planned Parenthood
Santa Fe, NM (
-- The Buckaroo Ball Committee, organizers of a three-day public celebration to benefit children in the community, has given over $36,000 to the nation's largest abortion business. As part of its $500,000 in grant money distributed to area organizations, the Committee granted Planned Parenthood $36,316 for their Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, “which focuses on health-centered problems, issues and parent/teacher training.” Pro-life organizations have pointed out that health and sex-education programs run by the largest abortion business and its affiliates do not solve the teen pregnancy or abortion issues. Margo Taylor and Roxanne Shaw Apple, Grant Committee Chairs of the Buckaroo Ball, told that Planned Parenthood successfully met all the requirements for their rigorous grant application process.

Yes, Ms. Apple, PP met all the criterion, except for the common sense requirement. Clearly, you benefit children who were able to run the gauntlet and escape the womb. For the rest, all bets are off.

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