Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Revelation of the Value of Kindness

For the other brother priests in this deanery of ours, they are having a quarterly deanery meeting. As for me, I am home preparing for a funeral that came up unexpectedly. Then again, they all come up unexpectedly.

The woman in question who died was related to pratically everyone in Alva and died after a series of prolonged injuries and illnesses. It turns out that she was related to a priest who served under Archbishop Beltran when he was the ordinary of the diocese of Tulsa, OK. His excellency called me this morning and asked me to extend his condolences to the family of this woman's family.

Some folks reading this would say, "So what?" But the Archbishop took the time to let me know to let them know they were being remembered by the Church particular. This act of simple consideration and kindness in someone else's time of need is a basic example of how unremarkable living the Catholic Faith can be and yet how effective to make the presence of Christ known.

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