Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Code cracked!
Okay, after bringing in teams of consultants, FBI analysts, and Navajo windtalkers I have cracked the mysterious code of the identities used by two recent commentors. It was clear from their comments that they knew me, but I couldn't recognize their "call letters." Indeed my first supposition, that the string of letters was from the first name of each person in the family, was incorrect and led me astray. Then the commentors got punchy and began leaving hints. Thank you, ladies, they were very helpful (at least, CLCAMN's was). Actually, CLCAMN's "hint" was basically a full disclosure. After reading her comment, I knew immediately who it was. Her mention of eating stuffed pumpkin blossoms was the full revelatory key. However, I still didn't understand her call letters, though I knew who she was. LCTGSM remained a mystery. I was still lost with her reference to my childhood pet turtle Rosebud (because several people know of that Fr. Hamilton factoid). I had some good guesses since the two mystery people are obviously friends (they mentioned being on the phone with one another), but, again, the strange code letters -- I just couldn't break through it. But, now I have it!

I will now post clues to each mystery person so that they know that I know who they are. I won't mention their names because they may not want that in the public domain.

CLCAMN: How's the agnus Dei?

LCTGSM: Still in Oklahoma are we? How's Philip?

There we go. Geez, another busy day, and code cracking to top it all off!

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