Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In Tribute to Our 75,000th Visitor
Well, this week, we surpassed 75,000 visitors to our blog, now in its ninth month. Hhhmmm. Nine months into this blogging... Are we fully developed and ready for the next stage of blog life? You can send birthday presents to each of us when you get a chance.

Anyway, it has been our habit to celebrate significant milestones with the number of visitors we get. So, to celebrate the 75,000th visitor [Drumroll please...]

Fr. Tharp has departed the blog!

Sooner or later you all were going to figure out why he has not been posting. His ego needs just could no longer be met by sharing a blog with at least two other writers, and sometimes four other writers. He was well on his way to developing his own entire blog universe but he became too demanding and it all fell apart. Yes, he tried to demand that Google rename itself to Tharp. When that didn't happen, his entire evil plot to abandon us for his own blog universe came to nothing. Can you imagine if Google had agreed? What would we have said about searching on Google: I "Tharped" something on the internet? Yyyyyiiiiikkkkkeeeesssss!!!!!

There are conflicting reports about where Fr. Tharp has gone. However, two stories have surfaced repeatedly. Could they have some basis in reality? The first account claims that Fr. Tharp needed time to take inventory of his life, so to speak. He needed to retreat from his frantic grasping at media attention and desire for name recognition, so he has gone off to join an isolationist, radical group called the PLO: Primate Liberation Organization. A picture from that group can be seen here. The second report is, I think, even more disturbing. It is said that Fr. Tharp has found the one consistent organization that will stroke his ego. He has joined a cult devoted to remaking the 1970's Japanese classic program "Monkey." That group's latest efforts can be seen here. Whichever is the case, we wish Fr. Tharp much luck and happiness in his new endeavors!

Anyway, thank to you all for visiting us, for reading, for commenting, and, we hope, for praying for us! God bless you all!

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