Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dangerously Creedal
The Ministerial Alliance is a group of local pastors from various churches that meet on a monthly basis to coordinate efforts among the churches in the local community. As you know, I have a mission church one hour away from where I reside. Therefore, I don't ever make it to the Ministerial Alliance meetings at that city. However, the alliance does include me in their e-mails so that I can observe, from afar, what is going on at their meetings. I got a kick out of the minutes from the last meeting. Check out this excerpt:

The group discussed the need for involving more clergy in the county in the Ministerial Alliance. It was suggested that we draft a “Faith Statement” that would include those things of the Christian faith that are not to be compromised. This would help clarify what unites us in the Alliance. Developing a "Purpose Statement" would help communicate the direction we are seeking to live out through our association.

"Faith Statement" explaining which elements of the Christian faith are not to be compromised? I love it! I have this to say to the members of the alliance: Folks, talk til you are blue in the face and cast stones our way -- but you have now discovered the value of a creed. It's not such an evil man-made tradition afterall, huh? Congratulations on your discovery! Nothing is new under the sun....

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