Monday, November 15, 2004

For this, I am willing to sacrifice my back.

Well, kids, I can't begin to express my pleasure and joy at how the Mark Shea World Tour (through Northwest Oklahoma) is going. I was a little concerned at the turnout in Enid; it was a mite skimpy at 50. But fellow Ragemonkey, Fr. H, came through handily with a whomping 175 folks coming out. The event was a draw across both county and state borders, i.e. Kansas, New Mexico, Texas (well, I think Texas showed up). Clearly, the media blitz in advance worked well. Hehehehehehehe. I can hope that numbers will continue to rise at Enid, will be respectable at my home base, and will be strong at Woodward. What pleases me most is the constant comment I get from folks at these presentations which is "I really need to get to know my faith better." For that alone, given how much grief my back gives me after hours in car, I am willing to sacrifice my back.

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