Saturday, November 27, 2004

Off the Air and FCC had nothing to do with it.

I was saddened when I read about this. I know how time absorbing a blog is going to be if you are dedicated to doing the job right. There is the surfing for news; there is the reading of other blogs; there is the careful thinking through of what you want to say or express -- in an effort to maximize clarity. And then, not to mention the full time job one holds down to pay the bills. Add in family and social needs and the time equation begins to be REALLY out of whack.

So, I recommend to all the readers here to remember Mr. Shea in your prayers. Writing a book is sedentary but not simple. I can attest, based on about five hours of sitting and watching / listening to him work on this latest book, that he is not going half way. This book will be involved and lovely, akin to other works of his, and I am anxious to see it in print. As the famous martinet, Phillip Littleton Gel said of the great lexicographer, James A.H. Murray, of Oxford English Dictionary fame, "You are most welcome to visit any time you wish, but quiet please if the old man sits with furrowed brow." If you read this, Mark, work diligently, and we hope to hear from you soon. And I will see you, possibly during your visit to Ponca City, if it is kosher with the pastor.

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