Sunday, December 05, 2004

Adult formation: tonight!
A few weeks ago I posted on the proposed Bible Study for my parish and how excited I am to have this starting, especially in this Year of the Holy Eucharist. Well, tonight it begins. Apparently, word of mouth, has it that already several people, and even some senior high youth plan to attend. The parishioner who wanted to lead this study and who approached me with this idea is a former Protestant, who was even a minister at one time, who read himself into the Catholic Church. He knows the Bible so well and clearly wants to share his love for it with fellow parishioners to help them claim "ownership" of what is, after all, a Catholic book!

For the first few weeks, we won't even get into a particular book of the Bible. Rather, we will begin with a foundation of what the Sacred Scripture is, how it was formed, authorship, and its relationship to Sacred Tradition. It looks to be wonderful and a great addition to the parish life.

Who wants to bet that not a few people will show up to a "Bible study" without a Bible? Catholics are so darn funny!

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