Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eggs Tharp-edict
It's eggs Benedict with a Fr. Tharp twist. You see, it is rarely good enough for Fr. Tharp to simply make a well-known recipe as it is known or to follow convention in cooking, rather he likes to add a twist or introduce a variation into popular food dishes. For example, the dessert at the dinner before his Penance Rite was a variation of German Chocolate Cake. Rather than frosting the cake as normal, he made a caramel, toasted coconut, and toasted almond sauce (thick like a frosting) which he drizzled on moist chocolate cake. Well, the following morning, before I departed Alva to return to my pastoral field, Fr. Tharp made a variation on Eggs Benedict. I had never had eggs Benedict before (and I guess I technically still haven't, given the variation on the theme). Rather than use Canadian bacon (which I really don't care for anyway), Fr. Tharp used regular bacon together with the toasted English muffin, poached eggs (cooked with taragon), and bearnaisse sauce. It was delicious. I came up with the name eggs Tharp-edict. Now that name is appropriate for at least two reasons: (1) It is Fr. Tharp's variation on the theme and so his name is a natural to use; and, (2) Fr. Tharp's dogmatic nature and tendency to make definitive statements reveals another layer of meaning on the "-edict" part of the name!

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