Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Will It Have Enough Foreign Language Footnotes?

Well, folks, Mark's book is still not finished and so we are inflicted with more silence from His Shea-ness. To top it off, there won't be nearly enough foreign language reference for my taste. (That's a quasi-inside joke between he and many others.)

I was reflecting happily upon his brief visit. I thought I would mention here just a few of the funnier moments. There was the time at Fr. H's rectory that he was trying to stand up after sitting on the floor and ended up walking around on his hands and knees saying, "Sorry, I'm right; you are wrong." There was the stop at the Love's Country Store in Woodward for a beverage and bathroom break where he turned to me and said, "You need both a bottle of water and a liter of Diet Coke?!" I responded, "I have very specific hydration needs. What's up with the three bottles of milk?" He replied, "If it's much further to Guymon, I'm going to make some butter to sustain us." There was also the terrible tweaking I took at both Enid and Guymon over my alleged love for C.S. Lewis. (For the record, I am ambivalent at best about Lewis but that's another post.)

When will he be done with the blasted book? When, I ask you? Of course, after my encouters with the publishing world, I am surprised anyone gets anything published.

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