Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I guess it's a vacation after all...

So, I am sitting here at St. Monica's parish in Edmond, OK, preparing to wow or bore to tears the kids of the parish with a presentation upon apologetics. Hopefully, I can create a proper sense of excitement for the Faith in the process.

To think, that for a priest, just getting away from the parish for a couple of days and offering some presentations passes for least it does in my book.

Pray that I don't sound like a total knob.

UPDATE: The talk went off well. The game served its purpose of reminding the kids of how much they actually need to learn. The youth leaders thought it was well-received, and I must agree. Also, bumped into a fellow Okie blogger whose name has already eluded me. Songbird, don't take offense -- my brain hurts...

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