Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Nerd Quiz
I saw this quiz via Fr. Sibley's A Saintly Salmagundi and I just had to take it. I have to share a story that helps explain why I had to take this quiz. Growing up, when "nerd" was a word in vogue, my dad got an idea to pull a prank on some friends from our parish. Having observed plenty of "nerdy" activity among me and my friends, he decided to send out a letter alerting the neighborhood to the presence of disturbing nerd activity in the area. He called it a "Nerd Alert." We even had a stamp made that we stamped on letterhead and envelopes. We wrote the letter and included all sorts of things observed in the Catholic ghetto, the neighborhood surrounding our parish. One of the highlights or evidence of nerd activity was the gathering of me and my friends in various front yards, breakdancing on large pieces of cardboard. (Yes, we all have embarrassing pasts!) Anyway, so we sent the letter out from our fake "Nerd Alert" Office (i.e., we didn't put our family name on it) and many people got a good laugh out of it. However, it quickly came to our attention that one mother mistook the letter. From the evidence provided in the letter, it had clearly been written by someone who had been observing kids in the neighborhood. She thought a stalker or a child abductor had been canvassing the area and had written a letter before "striking"! No kidding! Luckily, we put that fire out before legal authorities became involved. Anyway, we followed the letter up with "Nerd-O-Grams," trite little poems, rhymes and statements to send to nerd friends. It was sort of the Hallmark of nerd greetings. Yes, we had a stamp printed for that one too. Anyway, that being said, you can see why I had to test my own nerdiness. It seems I survived. Luckily, the quiz didn't have any questions about how often you check to see if Wichita has a bishop and how often you post about that subject. If that had been asked, I can only imagine how "nerdy" my score would have been!
I am nerdier than 28% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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