Monday, January 17, 2005

Rising Anxieties and Preparations

This is going to be one of those weeks. A lot to arrange before I slip away for a couple 10 days of R & R in the Oklahoma City arena. On top of that, it is getting to be time that I heard back from Our Sunday Visitor about my submission of the Borromeo Project for publication. So, what I am going about in a circle to say is, "Don't expect much from me in the way of blogging."

However, to give you all something to do, I thought I might share a sample of the Borromeo Project's goodness. It's just a little something to ponder on.

Step One: Read paragraphs 2168-2231 in your Catechism. Then consider the following questions.
1. Based upon what you read about the Sabbath, why would we want to say that the Sabbath is the high point of the act of Creation? What does that say about Sunday in relation?
2. Many Catholics think that once they have attended Sunday or Holy Day Mass, their job as Catholics is complete. How are they both correct and incorrect? What can be done to allow Sunday to reach its intended purpose?
3. Complaints are often made about how much our society has declined in recent years. Explain how failure to observe the Fourth Commandment has played into this and how observance of the Fourth Commandment can lead us out of these problems.
4. Describe, in concrete ways, how the Christian home should reflect its nature as a domestic church.


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