Monday, January 10, 2005

Since no one else seemed to notice...

Last night after Spiritual Direction, which was remarkably productive in that it generated a concrete plan of a sort, I was browsing the old Wichita Eagle newspapers that were stacked near the couch and half-listening to the T.V. Since there was no remote control in sight, I decided to watch what came on, and what came on was the People's Choice Awards. For those not in the know, the PCAs (they don't have a catchy name that I know of) are an award that are given based on the votes of people in general, as opposed to the other awards which are awarded effectively by their peers in the performing art in question. The categories ranged from the sublime to the silly, but the last award caught my ear. The last award to be given was for Best Movie Drama, and one of the contenders was "The Passion of The Christ." To my mild surprise, it actually won. Then, as is my habit, I started thinking about what, if anything, this meant.

That's where this gets fun. I ask you, faithful readers, what does this signal? Anything? Nothing? Is the award, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"? Here is your chance to vent some spleen, but the usual rules apply. Be brief, be intelligent, critique other points of view without vituperation. That is best left to experts like yours truly.

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