Monday, January 10, 2005

In Tribute to Our 100,000th Visitor
Dear readers, in just less than a year -- actually, just less than 11 months -- Catholic Ragemonkey has tipped the scales at more than 100,000 visitors! This is a major milestone for the blog, and one that requires our thanks to the many readers who have made this day possible. It was February 17, 2004, that Fr. Tharp first generated this blog. Only days later, from the fullness of Fr. Tharp's sharing, the second blogger (yours truly) was begotten. And then, some nine months later, when the blog had gestated, a third blogger (Fr. J.C.) issued forth from the mutual snarking of the first and second persons of the blog. Oh, how sublime a mystery -- 100,000 visitors to CRM! In tribute to our 100,000th visitor and in celebration of this event, the three bloggers would like to dedicate this parody of "Prima Donna" from Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical rendition of The Phantom of the Opera.

"Prima Poster"
[All three priest bloggers in chorus]
Prima poster,
first posting of the day!
Our devotees
are on their keys
to link to us!

[Fr. H]
Can we retreat
when they're reading
our blog?

[Fr. T]
Think of how they all
adore us!

[All three]
Prima poster,
we've reached 100K!

[Fr. T]
Think of the news...

[Fr. J.C.]
And of the queues
round the blogdom!

[All three]
Can we deny them the wisdom
they seek?
Be prima poster once more!

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