Thursday, January 13, 2005

Threatening to Unleash My Fury

As most in-the-know blog readers (we need a neologism for frequent blog readers) are aware, Mark Shea has taken a little break from blogging to finish his latest book. We wish him the best in his endeavors.

However, with this post, he officially moves to the skating-on-thin-ice column of my book. Does he know what is doing? Has he forgotten about my vast cosmic powers that I wield? Given that I am in my parish boundaries as I write this, there could be a mighty reckoning.

Just kidding although I am confused as to how he could forget about his parallel-universe-generated, separated-at-birth, spaco-temporally-displaced evil twin, i.e. yours truly. Actually, this post was an exercise in both narcissism and the abusive use of hyphens. Enjoy.

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