Thursday, January 13, 2005

Unexpected Assets

I was working on the next term, the last term of this year, of the Borromeo Project while listening to Greg and Lisa Popchak on Relevant Radio. They were talking about an email they received concerning baptism sponsors, a topic near and dear to my heart. So, because I am a buttinski, I called and gave more ammo for their points namely the relevant canons from the Code. It was really fun.

Afterwards, when the show resumed, and my work resumed, Greg mentioned the blog by name. Yes, I even called back to let him know that he had recalled correctly. Thanks to Greg and Lisa for their great work in promoting the Gospel and for the plug, of course!

And no, Fr. H, I didn't call with the express intention of getting a plug for the blog or a radio program. You can just put that out of your mind. I doubted that Greg would remember who the heck I am or that I wrote a blog. Perhaps, the reason these thoughts and accusation come to mind is because they are yours.

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