Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Very U.K. Way to Start the Day

This morning, when I finally roused myself from the stupor of sleep, I headed downstairs to whip something to eat and drink before celebrating the Sacred Liturgy.

On the stove I cooked up some Scottish Oatmeal that I dressed up with some chopped figs. The resulting porriage was creamy and lightly sweetened by the dried fruit. Then in my electric kettle, I worked up a pot of Star of India, a tea blend that I picked up at a loose leaf tea shop (or should it be, "shoppe") in Wichita yesterday. It isn't as aromatic or complex, in my opinion, as my usual standard, Earl Grey served hot with a touch of honey, but tasty and satisfying nonetheless.

To think that one can eat reasonably health-consciously...it's a magical world out there.

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