Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Food for Thought For Lent

Since most Catholics, those who fall into the proper age category, are restricting their food intake, I thought I would give you something to chew on. Here is the editorial by Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P. from the Magnificat Lenten Companion, Bread in the Desert.

What is "self-denial"? We presume it means using our will power to
give up things. But that could be deadly. Because such success could
make us proud. This conceit is what God wants us to
renounce. Self-denial means denying the sway of the "false self" in our life. Self-denial means denying the urge to take self-congratulatory
delight in our ego-concocted goodness. Authentic self-denial means denying the lie that I am the source of the happiness I desire. It means denying the delusion that I am the source of the truth in my life. Then we possess the key to self-mastery.

Lots of folks are posting what they are sacrificing for Lent, and I would encourage hearing what has pushed you further than you suspected it would. There might be a good suggestion for one of our readers lurking there. But, based on what we read above, we should pray first for the grace to know what God wants you to sacrifice.

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