Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Most Cultured Individual

I have resisted to the limits of my endurance. I can resist no further. I have to talk about an interesting overlap involving Fr. H's Strep Throat.

Many viruses and bacteria developed a survival strategy that is so clever that it smacks of intelligent design. Many of these infections create areas of pustulation at the back of the throat, usually in the form of pus blisters. To name a few that comes to mind, smallpox, black plague, strep throat, ebola (all four varities) use the victim's coughing to help create an infective spray which insures the survival of the organism.

So, as Fr. H is resting up, I would suggest an occasional visual check by him for things like centrifugal rash, raised bumps, or large flea bearing rats running around the rectory.

It's not that I am a "glass-half-empty" pessimist. The glass is half full, sure, ... of syrichine.

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