Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tag Team Tonsils
Well, folks, there must be something going on in the Catholic world regarding ordained ministers and throat problems. I just got back from the doctor's office. I called the doctor up because after three full days of antibiotic treatment, the pain in my throat and the swelling is still severe. Although, the inflammation has seemed to switch sides -- sort of like tag team tonsils. I didn't know if that was unusual or not. I sort of expected that by now the pain would have gone away and that I could get off the Advil (which, by the way, has done marvelously in masking the pain). Anyway, the doctor said it was unusual and that perhaps the bacteria was resistant to the amoxicillen (875 mg) I had been taking. He said I have a tonsillar abscess and so I got a shot in the rear of very, very strong antibiotic (Rocephin), a new oral antibiotic (Omnicef), as well as a prescription for pain relief. The doctor, one of my parishioners, told me that the Rosefin was the same antibiotic the Pope was administered. I asked the doctor, "Will it be okay for me to have Mass this evening?" His answer got me chuckling as I considered how the medical and Catholic world collided in that one moment. He responded, "You have to. Especially since it is the eve of the Feast of St. Blaise and I think we need some throat blessings."

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