Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And why is this happening now?
I really am glad that Jesse Jackson has shown up outside of Terri Schiavo's hospice and that he has expressed grave concern over this injustice [being done to Terri] because, let's face it, this woman is dying NOT because of an alleged coma, NOT from some terminal disease, and NOT because she needs machines to keep her alive (she doesn't) but simply because SHE IS NOT BEING GIVEN FOOD OR WATER. SHE IS DYING BECAUSE SHE IS BEING STARVED TO DEATH! This has been going on for 11 or 12 days now. So, why is Jesse Jackson showing up only now? Where was he months ago? Where was he 11 or 12 days ago? I'm just a bit baffled by that, even though I am happy he seems to have landed on the correct side of this issue.

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