Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Revising My Language...

Initially I was going to call this post, "Brain Death," but given what's happening in Florida, I think, in honor of Terry's fight, I won't use this term ever again, outside of medical moral discussions.

I have so wanted to blog all day but haven't had a blessed thing come to mind. There's lots of sad and troubling things out there -- but not a brilliant thought leaps out of my head.

So, then I tried to be very Octave-of-Easter about the whole thing and again failed. No brilliant flashes about the good things.

For the interim, my frontal cortex has stopped cooperativing with the operator of the organism known as 453-96-0943652XCFG aka "Fr. Shane Tharp." Suspect software and hardware mismatch. Will attempt to clear the brain jam with mental floss or will call service rep.

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