Friday, March 04, 2005

It's All So Blessed- Damian-of-Molokai-esque

I have a good friend named Grace Gallagher who lives and works with Hispanic seminarians in the Diocese of Puero Plata, Dominican Republic. If that were not enough she also helps to coordinate funds and support for various charitable enterprises in the DR. Her activities remind me so much of the work of Blessed Damian of Molokai. Blessed Damian, before preaching the Gospel in words, built housing and improved sanitation conditions on the island. In essence, he preached with his hands as much as with words. In the end, he shared every sorrow they did. He shared in the death of leprosy. The only part of him that was unaffected were his fingertips where he held the Sacred Host.

Take this as a lesson, faithful readers. We do as much with a strong back and charity to promote the Gospel as clever well formed arguments might achieve.

If you are interested in helping Ms. Gallagher with this work you can contact her at Mustard Seed.

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