Saturday, March 05, 2005

Opening Night
Last night was the opening night of "Annie" at the Guymon Community Theatre. It was one of the best opening nights attendance-wise in recent years. And the show went very well. I was able to pastorally attend the parish fish fry, attend Stations of the Cross and assist the associate pastor (who lead Stations) with Benediction at the conclusion, and then, put on my costume and get over to the theatre with plenty of time to spare (my brief scene is at the start of Act II). The schedule works out nicely, especially on Saturday nights when I have Mass first and still have time to get over to the theatre.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and I know I enjoyed being involved in it. I think the brief cameo role is the perfect role, generally speaking. You get the benefits of being a cast member and enjoying the excitement, without the anxiety of being on stage the whole time and having to memorize endless lines. There was a day when I was gunning for the lead roles; but, not anymore, thanks be to God!

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