Thursday, March 17, 2005

Seeing purple
Well, I am just about done covering the crucifixes and images of saints in the church. I am still trying to rig some way to cover the enormous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but I think I have an idea. We also have many smaller images, icons and stuff in the church foyer area. Since we don't have enough pieces of purple cloth, I think I may just remove those images from the wall until the Easter Vigil. An even more severe deprivation of the senses (than the previous days of Lent) is now upon us. We cover images of the Lord's Passion, and Crucifixion so that we, in a liturgical sense, walk through those events as if for the first time, seeing it happen before us, rather than looking upon the Crucifix as a past event. As well, all the images of holiness (statues of saints) that are before us are covered since they would be nothing without the act of the Supremely Holy One, Jesus Christ the Lord! How much more joyful will Easter be when our starved senses have a veritable feast opened before them again!

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