Thursday, March 17, 2005

Voulez Vouz!

Earlier, I mentioned how my niece was fretting over whether or not she would pass her second try at the driver's test. Well, she did! Hurray for the junior Ragemonkey in training. For all those who live in the OKC metro, watch yourself on the roads -- a new menace is spawned.

Of course, I remember my own days of wanting a car and so a new mode of whining will begin. I was most pleased with my sister who categorically said, "The car is MINE; she will be borrowing it. When she goes to college, then she can have it." Sadly, the next few months and weeks will be a constant refrain of "I want you" to every car for sale she sees. Since my first car was a beat-down junker, I hope my niece will continue the pattern.

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