Friday, April 08, 2005

Not exactly what was advertised.

When I hit this link initially, (tip o' the biretta to Drudge Report), it was supposed to be to a story about how the Vatican is considering a TOTAL media blackout surrounding the papal conclave. I couldn't find that in the article it took me to, but it was interesting reading nonetheless. Okay, let me gently rub my temples so that I don't use the Force to crush anyone's larynx undeservingly. 1.) Only Americans could be upset about this. Like so much of the media reporting on this, only Americans can feel threatened and not a wee bit slighted when people and celebrities don't run panting to pour their guts out to the first chatter-monkey from CNN. 2.) Like creches at Christmastide, media blackouts should be expected for conclaves. After all, again, like Christmas, it's in the NAME. "Conclave" comes from the Latin "with a key" meaning BEHIND LOCKED DOORS. That's to keep bribery out and the cardinals about their work sans the mealy-mouthed interference from ... well, you get the picture. While I am on it, let me add two other things that hacked me off and belong on this list because they devolve from the general poor education, preparation and motives unscrupulous. 3.) While using the bathroom, and thus was trapped, one of the tabloid news programs came on with the report promising to give the real inside scoop on Opus Dei. Yes, every bullcracker about secret this and manipulated that came out to play. Still think The DaVinci Code is just a piece of fiction and therefore we can ignore it? That's all the bleached blonde news-bimbo, and if you had actually seen the dress, bimbo is the nicest word that comes to mind. The choicer ones stayed in the rectory lounge. 4.) The local Fox News Afflilate carries some pompous commentator who gives "the Point" as an op-ed for the channel. Well, today he will examine whether or not Catholics were "too late" in addressing The DaVinci Code. Too late? Let's see how many books came out? How many bulletins did Catholic Answers circulate? And then one does this newsman want the Church to do? Round up and burn copies of the book so that we can preserve orthodoxy? Right...that would be so good. This is a classic example of "damned if you, damned if you don't." However, I will say that Catholics (yes, you reading this) do need to be better versed on the lies and how to answer them. After all, if someone wrote a book that said your mother was a liar, a whore, and a bank robber, you would not be satisfied with "it's just fiction; what are you so upset about?," would you?

Okay, thanks. I feel a lot better although I do sense what seems like millions of souls crying out at once before ceasing to exist. Oh, ooops...It turns out my tirade accidentally wiped out Alderaan. My bad.

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