Saturday, April 09, 2005

Very, very interesting...
I continue to marvel at the workings of Providence regarding the timing of Pope John Paul II's death: During the Easter Octave (having seen the Church through her memorial of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ, the Pope then experienced his own Triduum and Easter), on a First Saturday of a month (typically dedicated to Holy Mary), and on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday (which had already begun liturgically-speaking since sundown of Saturday begins the Church's vigil observance of Sunday). And now I just recognized something else that is quite interesting regarding the timing. For those of us who began our novena, the nine day period of official mourning, on Sunday, April 3, guess what falls on Monday, April 11th, the final day of the novena? The memorial of St. Stanislaus, the saintly Bishop of -- you guessed it! -- Krakow, who himself had to stand up to evil government, and who is the Patron of Poland! Amazing, huh?!

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