Thursday, May 26, 2005

Announcing Something New!

In February 2004 I heard the word "blog" for the first time, from Fr. Tharp when he told me about his and Fr. Hamilton's endeavor to create Catholic Ragemonkey. Since then I have gone from a "frequent commentor" to last August becoming the East Coast correspondent for CRM. It has been a hoot.

Now, I'm not leaving CRM. I have, however, decided to start my own blog, Fr. JC Maximilian. Mostly I will be posting my Sunday homilies, and other spiritual reflections (i.e., reflections on spiritual books I am reading, bulletin pieces I write about the liturgy, saints, etc.). I have been sending my Sunday homilies to my sisters, parents, and a few friends. Well, they have been sharing them with their friends, so now I have a bunch a folks (especially in St. Louis, MO where my one sister and her family live) who wants them. I think it will be just as easy to post them to my own blog. Plus, hopefully with the help and guidance of our CRM techmonkeys, I will learn more about "html", whatever that is (I know it is some kind of computer lingo). I will be saving my more witty, at times sarcastic social and Church commentary for CRM.

If you check out "Fr. JC Maximilian" please keep in mind that it is still a work in progress.

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