Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Can you tell that I have been busy?

My apologies for not blogging more over the last couple of days. There has been a lot of chaos here at my parish trying to tie up loose ends and making a list of new things that need dealing with. There is one matter however that I wanted to mention to all readers and to ask their intercession.

This time, last week, I left a message saying that I had to attend to a small emergency. The emergency entailed an intervention on the behalf of one of the priests of the diocese. I am not at liberty to go into details (and I strongly recommend that readers from OK who are in the know don't go into details either) but this priest has some personal problems of a non-moral nature that have been brewing and needed dealing with. He is currently receiving treatment for this matter and we hope to have him back in the diocese soon. I would ask then for two things from readers.

One, please pray for this priest and for all priests who feel overwhelmed. Speaking as the pastor of three parishes, life feels awfully scattershot when you are juggling three places. Two, please, some time soon, thank your pastor and the parochial vicars for what they do. Priests invariably hear 20 times the criticism compared to the praise. And not that priests should work or live for praise. But it is awfully lonely to feel as though you are dragging the flock, kicking and screaming, toward salvation with no one of the flock all that interested in going the way you are. So, do him and yourself and favor and mention one positive thing that you think he specifically brings to the parish.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

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