Sunday, May 29, 2005

Trying not to laugh while baptizing
I had three baptisms yesterday, which is always a joy. I think yesterday's bring me up to 110 baptisms since I was ordained almost six years ago. We are all quite accustomed to the baby's wearing a white garment for his baptism. However, I saw one yesterday that takes the cake. The little boy was in an outfit that made him look like the Pope! No joke! I almost couldn't stop from chuckling it was so cute. But I managed to compose myself so that I wasn't laughing while baptizing anyone.

The kiddo was in a long white robe with buttons down the front, with a half length shoulder cape, a broad belt/band around his waist which dangled down one side with gold fringe on the ends, and finally a little white cap (not quite the bishop's zucchetto, but darn close!). When I saw him I just stopped and looked at the parents and said, "He looks like the Pope." They said, "Yeah, we know." I did, however, make the boy take off the pectoral cross, gold ring, and drop the crozier before I would perform the baptism. Just kidding! It was just one of the cutest things I have seen in a while.

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