Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Well, by now news should be buzzing around Boise City, Oklahoma, a town in the far western edge of the Oklahoma Panhandle -- the location of one of my mission parishes, Good Shepherd Church. I was there last night for first Confessions.

Last night word circulated through town that a diamond-shaped and brilliantly lit object could be seen in the southwest sky. I stood outside to view it. It was very bright. It appeared to be or have its own source of light. I looked through some binoculars at the object and it really looked quite literally like a diamond, facets and all.

Apparently, is was a weather balloon and its brightness was the setting sun reflecting off of it. Sure enough, as the sun went further down, it became less and less bright. Anyway, I suppose I didn't help news reports any because after seeing this object in the sky, I went inside and wrapped myself in aluminum foil and began walking "robotically" in the field outside the church. If only I could have convinced people to donate money to the parish church to avoid impending world doom and destruction, it could have been rather lucrative!

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