Friday, June 24, 2005

Before You Bug Out For The Weekend

I have noticed that the numbers drop off during the weekend. I have a request to make of everyone. Next week, starting Sunday, I will be away conducting a retreat for the religious sisters of the diocese of Wichita, so don't expect much by way of blogging. The topic of the Retreat will be The Theology of the Body as it applies to consecrated religious. The title will be "Behold, the Bride Comes!" It is going to be very daring in that I am applying the Holy Father's writings to a situation that it perhaps was not intended to address. I am excited and simultaneously scared because this is my first major retreat. The retreat will run from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. It goes without saying that I will need, no, demand, your prayers so that I don't louse up either John Paul's writings or the sisters' frame of mind.

Fr. Hamilton will be back on line very soon but details remain sketchy.

Also, the formatting issues do not yet abate. There is more interesting stuff below the bar -- so to speak.

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