Friday, July 01, 2005

And we thought readers bugged out for the weekend
Yes, it has been a while since I have done any blogging. I'll explain that in a moment. But first a big word of THANKS to Dave W. over at Duc in Altum for providing an easy solution to the previous formatting problem on our blog. Several of you offered solutions and we are most appreciative. I went with Dave W.'s solution because he described his as "easy," and not being very technologically savvy, I didn't want to upset the balance of the universe or the sleeping trolls of the information superhighway by muddling deeper into realities that are beyond my comprehension! So, with great fear, I attempted to complete Dave's solution and sat nervously as the template updated, certain that some major glitch was about to occur and, for once, Fr. Tharp's paranoid fears that I am somehow seeking to undermine him would appear to be true! But thankfully, the whole problem cleared up quite easily. Thanks to you all and to Dave W. for his fine and easy solution.

So, I have been away due to some travel and, though I have been back at my parish for a week now, I have been trying to get out from underneath paperwork, schedule appointments, prepare notes on topics for our upcoming parish Pastoral Council meeting, and handle the day-to-day matters of the parish. I still have a mound of papers on my desk, and so blogging has been non-existent. But rest assured, dear readers, the bloggers have not bugged out for good. Fr. Tharp and I have been in daily communication, often by text messages, and he assures me that the retreat he is leading is going exceedingly well. My only fear is that the accolades he is apparently receiving for his retreat work will make him, shall we say, a little more difficult to handle. I am afraid that I may have to pull him aside to explain that Jesus' words from the Cross, "I thirst," had nothing to do with narcissistic desires to be popularly acclaimed Time's Man of the Year!

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