Friday, June 17, 2005

Discovering One's Audience

Television and film actors, especially if they have a background in the theater, often comment on how it is difficult to act when you don't have the feedback of the audience. The same is true of writing. I have been writing this blog with two of my best friends for the last year or so and the consistent comment that comes up between us is "I wonder who that commentor is?"

Last week, while I was in the city, I bumped into a large group of dedicated Rage-i-cans from the OKC area. The strangest encounter was right before a funeral for the father of one of our priests. It was strange only due to context and nothing else. Then I was over in Woodward, doing some follow-up work for the Borromeo Project, and one of the participants said, "I read your blog at least once a week." I would recommend more, but that would require me to write more, and frankly I don't have it in me.

I wanted to say thanks to all the folks in OKC and Woodward and other parts of the diocese who stop by for the madness that lurks behind my glasses.

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