Friday, June 17, 2005

I Feel Like a Heel!

Amy Buchwald went to all the trouble of giving me an interview and then it lanquishes in my inbox. So here's the hotness new meme. Her questions are in normal face; my responses are bold (in typeface).

1. 1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
Oooooh, a question at once easy and complex. Cheese is all about texture and occasion. Generally anything in triple creme school is great and will bring forth purrs of excitement. Brie on water crackers is phenom! Also, any blue cheese where the mold is so blue it's green is great. Although I find roquefort too piquant, stilton with roasted beets is a standard salad around the rectory.
2. Do you remember Bean the Bunny? (because Anne Shirley didn't)
What in the sam hill are you talking about? I don't know no stinkin' bunny. However, I do have immensely fond memories of G-Force and Battle of The Planets. Does that count?
3. In your opinion, what is the best way for new parishoners to start getting involved with their parish?
The best way is for the parishioner to get involved is to do what suits them best. If they love Knights of Columbus, then hook up with the local council. Then if there is something that needs to be added to parish life, they know who to talk to.
4. Korea: War or Conflict?
War. (As you didn't ask why, my rationale remains my own.)
5. We've seen loads of pictures of Pope Benedict XVI with beer because he's from Germany... what's the Ragemonkey brew of choice?
Again, a question that requires a little qualification. At the outset, anything that looks like it escaped the urinary tract of a plow animal is poured down the drain in contempt. If it is particularly festive occasion, Chimay Red or Chimay Blue is in order, but I better not have Mass in the morning. One of those is delicious but coma inducing. Also, the German beer Spaten Octoberfest or Hefeweisen is a great choice for a hot day. Lastly, I can never say "no" to stout -- think Guiness before Murphy's.

Now, the way this works is the first person who requests an interview gets a set of five questions from yours truly. You answer them and post those answers on your little corner of the internet. Then I link your post answering my questions. So if you are a fellow Ragemonkey, I won't be interviewing you. Second, no blog, no interview. Them's the breaks. I hope this is an illuminating and terrifying glimpse into the mind of the senior ragemonkey.

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